Pharmaceutical-DistributorsOur technological expertise spans the full spectrum of product development. We have with us a team of scientists, experts and chemists engaged in the R&D of technology and intermediate compositions. Company has a multipurpose GMP plant, flame proof design, complete manufacturing and drying, pulverizing and packing area under 5 micron air handling system and positive pressure environment.

Pharmaceutical-DistributorsWe have created a highly spacious production unit for manufacturing medical formulations. Our unit is also fitted with temperature controllers to maintain and stabilize the temperature of the production unit as well as the medical propositions prepared. We maintain a completely hygienic environment and our production area is completely restricted for the entry of any outsider. We have installed specialized automatic machines and processes for manufacturing medicines as is required.

Pharmaceutical-DistributorsWe supply all formulations in the various permitted/suitable dosages and the required pack sizes in various forms such as  Tablets (uncoated, sugar coated, enteric coated, film coated, chewable, lozenges, sustained release and dispersible forms), Capsules, Lotions, Creams, Ointments, Gels, etc. for external applications.

Pharmaceutical-DistributorsOur manufacturing operations are carried out under the most controlled of environments where quality is a prized ideal. With cutting edge machinery & excellent quality control, we work to ensure that manufacturing is carried out in a safe and reliable manner.  With comprehensive systems and specialized departments for various stages such as Production, Research & Development and Marketing, we ensure that quality is never compromised at any stage of operations.