PCD in pharma means Propoganda cum Distribution. There are lot of Pharma companies involved in PCD as their marketing strategy. Most of the PCD Pharma companies were founded in 19th century and 20th century. In other words given to PCD are Marketing Rights or Franchisee.

We at Gary Pharmaceuticals (P) Limited offer  wide range of Pharmaceutical Drugs for Market Promotion as PCD. Our range of products include

  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Creams,Ointments,Gels,Lotions,Shampoos, Powder etc.

We have a well developed infrastructure as well as team of qualified and experienced professionals to meet the bulk requirements of our client.We pack our products in latest packaging trends like Alu Alu packing,Lami tubes and spray bottles,etc.

Advantages of Gary Pharmaceutical Franchise

  • All production is carried in GMP certified units
  • Our company provides Visual Aids, LBL, Reminder Cards, MR Bags, Order Books, Pads, Gift Articles as part of marketing strategy.
  • Our Company keep all Franchise and Business Associates well informed about product information and new launches.
  • We provide full support by Advertising in leading Medical Journal and Medical Indexes like IDR, Drug Today, etc.
  • Special prices on Bulk Purchases
  • Order Execution immediate.

Gary Pharmaceuticals is looking to give Pharma Franchise on PCD (Propaganda cum distribution) basis District wise in all states of India. We are also giving Monopoly rights to the Master Franchise for State wise represenation in the Unrepresented areas.